Pearls of Pelsaert

Welcome to the enchanting world of the Abrolhos Islands, an awe-inspiring archipelago nestled 70km west of the Geraldton coastline. This rugged and majestic cluster is home to more than 122 islands, forming an isolated paradise that beckons adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike. A haven of untouched beauty, crystal-clear waters and exotic wildlife come together in perfect harmony, making it a destination like no other.

One of the special features of this secluded wonderland is the presence of the southernmost coral reef system on the planet, adding a unique touch to the already diverse marine life.

The Abrolhos Islands are divided into three main groups - the Wallaby Group, Easter Group, and Pelsaert Group.

The untouched beauty of the island oasis holds within its heart the essence of raw and untamed wilderness.

Home to the Liddon family’s pearl farm

The Pelsaert Group, the southernmost cluster of the Abrolhos Islands, is where our captivating tale of pearls unfolds. Here, the renowned Liddon family's pearl farm holds its place as the primary producer of pearls supplied to GEMARA, a legacy that spans many years. At the helm of this remarkable endeavour is Jane Liddon, the visionary director of Pelsaert Pearls, who bravely pioneered the pearling industry at the Abrolhos, now one of the few remaining pearl farmers in the region.

In 1992, the incredible discovery of black-lipped pearls in these waters transformed the pearl trade, capturing the attention of both locals and tourists alike. The pearls' allure lies in their breathtaking lustre and delicate pastel colours, reflecting the unique ecosystem thriving around the islands. The warm embrace of the Leewin Current maintains the water temperature at an ideal 23°C, providing a nurturing environment for oysters to produce pearls with a unique palette of beauty.

Pelsaert Pearls cultivates only about 2000 gem-quality pearls each year, bestowing upon these gems a status of extreme rarity and preciousness.

Steeped in history and embraced by natural beauty, the Abrolhos Islands and their black pearls offer a glimpse into a rare and exquisite world of luxury and beauty.